From Our Community

Thank you for writing the article. I plan to look into your resources and maybe even participate in a small group if needed. For now, though, know that God used you yesterday to encourage and uplift me. Blessings, Debby M.


I was especially encouraged by the words you said in the sections about Acknowledging and Aligning. The part that touched me most was the example that said “God, you love this person I am caring for even more than I do. I want to know that you are real and in control because I am losing it.”

Thank you for all you are doing to help others find peace and joy in helping their loved ones. Blessings, Donna



From Pastors & Leaders

Our church, Old St. Andrew’s Parish, Charleston, invited Mary Tutterow as a guest speaker to a luncheon we had advertised in our weekly bulletin and newsletter.  The event was held at noon on a Wednesday, June 12, and what occurred far exceeded our expectations.  First, the parish hall was filled! We had anticipated maybe 15 church members, max would be interested in the topic of caregiving; whereas 3 times that many participated.  Fortunately, we requested RSVPs so that we accurately planned enough food for the lunch.

Secondly, exceeding our expectations, was the message Mary delivered.  It truly was more than a lecture; it was also a time of ministry.  And the feedback for weeks after the event indicated one of those kinds of highlights in the ministry of the church, where everyone was so impressed and inspired!

The committee sponsoring the event had decided to ask the attendees at the conclusion of the luncheon if anyone would be interested in forming a Support Group (of Caregivers), using Mary’s book, The Heart of the Caregiver, as a guide.  About a dozen people responded, and I coordinated with them individually a day and time that would be suitable to meet.

The Support Group has been and is successful in attendance and in ministry. Most of the participants are Caregivers to their spouses; 3 are Caregivers to their Mothers.  Their feedback is that they find the material, the sharing, and the discussions to be helpful and encouraging.  I facilitated the Group for the first 3 sessions; had identified a lay leader of the group, who happens to be a nurse; and turned the leadership over to her at the 4th session.

I commend this ministry for Caregivers to other churches.  The need for such a ministry was evidenced by the response of our congregation, including the formation and meetings of the Caregivers Support Group.

In Christ,

The Rev. Joseph Vella, Assistant to the Rector (Old St. Andrew’s Parish Church, Charleston, SC)

Good morning, Mary!

The Heart of the Caregiver small group at Leeza’s Care Connection is a wonderful blessing!!!  The study is so rich with God’s amazing grace and truth in the midst of the caregiving journey!

Jan Buck and I have been leading this small group at LCC.  Thank you for reaching out to us as we encourage others to pray that God will give them eyes to see and ears to hear His perspective.

I cared for my husband seven years and kept a journal of God’s messages to me concerning our journey.  So many of your lessons reflect those same messages from God through His Word and prayer.

I thank God for you!

In His Love,

Judy McNair

Amazon Reviews of the Book

Mary Tutterow does an excellent job showing that a caregiver is doing the highest calling that Christ can ask of someone. The struggles and sacrifice that are required to be a caregiver can be enormous, but she points out the rewards are unmatched.

K. M.

Heart of the Caregiver truly takes you from Overwhelmed (bewildered, fatigued & emotional) to Overjoyed (in the Spirit of our Lord)! Our study group was blessed to have Mary guide us through what the has Bible to say about our role as caregiver.

Dianne T.
Through the course and the scriptures discussed I no longer feel put upon in caring for my son.  I heartily recommend this book and the course itself. God always shows us a new window whenever a door is closed.
Marsha M.

This book changed my perspective on our whole situation. It taught me to realize that I … don’t have to be a superwoman. It showed me how to live a balanced life, and see my special needs child as a gift. I highly recommend this book to any caregiver!
Whitney R.

Mary Tutterow writes from experience as a caregiver who has undergone a phenomenal transformation and shares how others can too. She writes in a straight-forward style that makes this … transformation very real.
Amazon Customer

I have been participating in various Bible studies for more than 12 years, and this study by far exceeded anything I have read … in the past.  I have never seen such logical and well planned scriptural references tied in with practical life application.
Amazon Customer