Learning to love and care for ourselves and others well.

Drowning in the emotions and responsibilities of caring for someone?

You’re not alone. We’re here to help. The Heart of the Caregiver® provides the essential emotional and spiritual support YOU need.

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We minister to the heart of the caregiver, no matter who you are caring for:

a child with special needs – a spouse with chronic illness- a parent with age-related issues- a relative with mental illness

I am no longer overwhelmed by circumstance. I am empowered and overjoyed by His presence.

– Marianne, Daughter with Down Syndrome

I did a small group at my church with this book and even after all the years that I have been a caregiver it changed my life for the better.

– Penny, Husband with Stroke

This small group changed my perspective on our whole situation. It taught me to realize that I don’t have to be a superwoman. It showed me how to live a balanced life, and see my special needs child as a gift. I am so grateful for this group!

– Whitney, Daughter with Special Needs

After taking The Heart of A Caregiver, I felt as if God was using this season of caregiving to teach me that He is in control of all things and always with me to help me. All I need to do is call His name. I have nothing to fear.

– Sheila, Mother with Alzheimer’s

I was so fortunate to get connected to The Heart of a Caregiver at the beginning of the diagnosis and the beginning of the journey. This helped me start off with the proper lens with which to view this journey. I was able to get the resources, the knowledge, the truths that I’ve needed to protect my mind and my heart from getting off track. I continue to re-read the book as I need to be reminded all the information that is so easily forgotten as I get tired and worn out. Thanks be to God for this resource!

– Mel, Husband with ALS

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