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From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed!

If you’re caring for someone with disabilities, chronic illness, age-related issues, and/or mental illness and you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone! The good news is that there is a proven process that can get you from overwhelmed to overjoyed.


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If you are overwhelmed, frustrated, feeling alone and need help – click the button below for immediate help.  The Heart of the Caregiver “Rescue Kit” will give you a direct line our community with access to life changing content.

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Do you want to lead your own small group through the Heart of the Caregiver curriculm?  Are you part of a small group looking to get started and need access to our Small Group Content.  Click below to get our latest Small Group resources.

Online Community

We Are Building a New Online Community

Many of our members simply can’t join a small group meeting.  The 24/7 requirements of being a caregiver can make it impossible to particpate in an outside group.  So we are bring the community to you!

If you’re looking for real help, The Heart of the Caregiver is a course that you can work through on your own or in a small group. You will come to see yourself, your situation and the person you’re caring for in a whole new way.


The Heart of the Caregiver has been taught in small groups over the last five years with amazing results. Be sure to read the testimonials below.

Mary Tutterow does an excellent job showing that a caregiver is doing the highest calling that Christ can ask of someone. The struggles and sacrifice that are required to be a caregiver can be enormous, but she points out the rewards are unmatched.

K. M.

Heart of the Caregiver truly takes you from Overwhelmed (bewildered, fatigued & emotional) to Overjoyed (in the Spirit of our Lord)! Our study group was blessed to have Mary guide us through what the has Bible to say about our role as caregiver.

Dianne T.
Through the course and the scriptures discussed I no longer feel put upon in caring for my son.  I heartily recommend this book and the course itself. God always shows us a new window whenever a door is closed.
Marsha M.
This book changed my perspective on our whole situation. It taught me to realize that I … don’t have to be a superwoman. It showed me how to live a balanced life, and see my special needs child as a gift. I highly recommend this book to any caregiver!
Whitney R.
I have been participating in various Bible studies for more than 12 years, and this study by far exceeded anything I have read … in the past.  I have never seen such logical and well planned scriptural references tied in with practical life application.
Amazon Customer
Mary Tutterow writes from experience as a caregiver who has undergone a phenomenal transformation and shares how others can too. She writes in a straight-forward style that makes this … transformation very real.
Amazon Customer

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