In my first 30 years, I was a “frequent flow-er.” I’d always look for the flow and go with it. I was relaxed about everything and just let things happen (even college and early career). Then real life hit – big job, marriage, mortgage, kids, etc.

For my middle 30 years I began planning and pushing my plans through – come hell or high water. Somehow, I believed if I didn’t push, we wouldn’t get anywhere (notice the “we”). I thought my spouse, kids, co-workers all needed me to come through for THEM. (I think that is called being narcissistic and creating co-dependent relationships – yikes!)

Now I’m entering the last 30 years of my life. A wonderful woman told me to “allow.” I am learning that means to be at peace with what is going on – in my life, with others, with the world – and know that God has got it all. The Universe is good. Instead of judging or reacting to the chaos and fear around me, I just allow it to be and look for what is good, beautiful, loving, kind. It sounds like a head-in-the-sand way to live, but it has proved to be a more powerful way to live than pushing the river. Peace and love do move mountains.